Book Launch, Teaching and New Clients

There’s been a lot happening in ideas in flight land over the past month or so!

In June, I spent a lot of time away from the city, with a speaking engagement at Carleton University in Ottawa and a teaching residency in the McMaster MCM (Master of Communications Management) program. I have rarely met a group of brighter, cleverer, more engaged students than my Digital Branding class in the MCM program, and it is a privilege to teach them this summer.

ideas in flight’s Madeline Ashby talks about her novel, iD.

ideas in flight’s Madeline Ashby talks about her novel, iD.


After a couple of restorative days at the lake (with smartphone in tow, of course), we’ve headed straight into an exciting July. One of the coolest things to happen so far this month has been the launch on Sunday ofMadeline Ashby‘s new novel, iD. Madeline is our fantastic and multitalented copywriter and social media coordinator, and ideas in flight sponsored the launch party – alfajores (that’s those South American cookies you see above) and sushi were had by all – at which Madeline read from the book and answered questions in the articulate way that only a writer can. You can buy the book here directly from the publisher. Trust me, it’s worth it.

We’ve also started working with some fantastic companies in the past little while. The most recent is Sol Cuisine, the popular purveyors of some of the finest vegan, gluten-free meatless meals I’ve ever tasted. Seriously, if you haven’t tried their new soy-free Indian Masala Burger yet, hie thee to Whole Foods and pick some up. Also joining the roster is TLAC, Toronto’s premier multimedia and 3D printing and publishing house. They’re one of the most innovative companies doing business right now, both socially and technologically, and we’re so excited to be working with them.