I'm quoted in the Times Higher Education supplement today!

This morning, I woke to some exciting news: Times Higher Education writer and editor Phil Baty has quoted my blog post “4 Things To Do to Prepare for a Non-Academic Career” in his leader article for the magazine, “Too Many Snakes, Too Few Ladders”. Karen Kelsky of The Professor Is In is also quoted.

If you’re an aspiring academic, or if you have or are working on a graduate degree and are considering leaving the academy for the private sector or other work, please do read Phil’s article in the THE, along with the anonymously written but very moving and important story accompanying it. (And you might like to read mine, too; I like to think it’s helpful!)

As well, I’ve had an increasing number of emails lately from people who are looking potentially to leave academia and are hoping for advice or even just a human connection with someone who’s been there. As it was when I was a professor – and as it will be again in the fall, of course, when I start teaching at Schulich – my door is always open. Feel free to drop me a line.