Choose your Own Adventure: Product Crisis

One of the interesting things I've done lately is make a career move: as much as I adored teaching at Ryerson in their Creative Industries program, I was offered a full time permanent professorship in the Centennial College Bachelor of Public Relations Management program, which I started in January. It's a great program with awesome students, and I plan to create lots of CYOA content for them as well over the years.

However, for one last hurrah at Ryerson at their request, I created a choose-your-own-adventure game for CRI810: Creativity and Collaboration, a fourth-year capstone course for the program. 

In this game, you and your group imagine that you're fashion entrepreneurs who have developed an incredible new product: a fabric that glows in response to external stimuli, like music. You call it the Queen of Hearts dress, and you've landed an amazing deal with Nordstrom to bring it into select stores. It's a designer's dream... but your choices will determine whether that dream becomes a nightmare.

You can download it here to use in your class, if you'd like. Just be sure to credit me.

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